Our specialist team can manage all forms of construction disputes, including security of payments actions, arbitration, litigation and alternative dispute resolution procedures. Our lawyers will always seek to deliver value, by implementing appropriate resolution strategies, and by negotiating settled outcomes wherever possible.

In order to minimise, and if possible, avoid end-of-project disputes, we can advise on the appropriate allocation of risk at project commencement, and provide ongoing contract management support throughout the life of a project.

So that you can implement your own effective risk management strategies, we also facilitate training seminars and lectures.

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Our services are complemented by our partner organisations, Construction and Contract Services (CCS) and CCS Project Services. CCS is an engineering consultancy firm, providing strategic project management and claims consulting advice. CCS Project Services assists developers and investors in identifying, managing and delivering residential and commercial properties. More information on each of these organisations can be found at: www.contractservices.com.au